KAIZEN (găi shàn, 改善): In the Japanese language, Kaizen signifies commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. We started Kaizen Motors based on our passion and dedication to auto vehicles, which continues to be the fuel driving our work to this very day.

Committed and determined to provide outstanding service to our customers, we use state-of-the-art technology, highly trained professional mechanics, and the very best auto vehicle repair procedures.

“Some men take good care
of your car; But we treat it
like one of the family!”




We have been car lovers for a long time, and we understand how frustrating it can be having to attend to different places in order to take care of your car. The entire process can span over many days, and the time & energy invested can be draining. That is why we provide everything you need for your auto-vehicle in one place! In our workshops we ensure consistency, friendly & reliable services, and excellent customer communications. Our mechanics always give you a clear understanding of exactly what your vehicle needs and how it will be done.

Regular Maintenance Servicing

41 Essential Points Checked

Routine checks and maintenance, including oil replacement, engine inspections, tire balancing, wheel and brake system inspections. Our skilled mechanics perform regular maintenance procedures very quickly, so that you can have your car ready to go as soon as possible!

General Repairs

Mechanical and Electronic Parts (including A/C) Repairs

Driving a damaged or faulty vehicle is dangerous and uncomfortable. We provide all the repairs you need at a reasonable price, including repairs for your vehicle’s air-conditioning system!

Diagnostic & Managment

Japanese, Korean & Continental Vehicles

Our computerized diagnostic system procedure allows for an in-depth verification of your vehicle’s health status. This enables us to get accurate, reliable and quick information to ensure we can fix your vehicle in the shortest time possible!

Insurance Renewal

Best Insurance Quote Guaranteed!

Generally, renewing your insurance requires you to attend your insurance company and negotiate personally. This is a difficult, unpleasant and painful process. To help you, we do all this for you ourselves – saving you time, and allowing us to get you the best deals!

Pre-Check for LTA Inspection

Send your vehicle to the official LTA Inspection worry-free!

We quickly verify with little hassle that your car in in optimal conditions for road worthiness, giving you peace of mind for the official LTA Inspection!

Accident Claim

Rapid & Reliable Accident Claim Procedure!

Usually, an accident involves a lot of stress and uncertainty. We seek to make the entire process as simple as possible for you. We provide guidance and help you complete all the necessary steps so that you don’t have to go through all the hassle alone!

Fleet management (For Businesses)

Are you a company owning multiple commercial vehicles in Singapore? If so it is very likely that your vehicles need to be in excellent road condition in order to provide for swift movement, high performance, low fuel consumption and a long road-life.

Trucks, lorries and vans which are not in optimal conditions consume more fuel, take a longer time to arrive at their destination, lead to more accidents, and can quickly turn into a money draining nightmare for their owners! Transportation and delivery firms, where vehicle usage is an essential aspect of business, face the highest risks from faulty vehicles!

To solve this problem, our Fleet Management program enables you to sign up all your vehicles with us so that we take full care of them for you. Our highly-trained mechanics will ensure that your commercial vehicles are maintained in optimal conditions and meet all the necessary standards.

Our services will help:

  • Minimize your fuel costs.
  • Maximize the lifespan of your vehicles.
  • Decrease the probability of costly accidents.
  • Improve your vehicle’s road performance, shortening travel time.
  • Provide you with priority access to our repair services, ensuring your vehicle is repaired fast and can quickly go back on the road.
  • Save you from having to remember when it is time to get your vehicles checked (we schedule your vehicles in advance and remind you when the time comes!)


Benefits of Working with Us

Featured Slide 1

Featured Slide 1

Passionate and Friendly Professionals

Passionate, friendly and professional are the three words that best describe our team. From the mechanics to our customer service team – we are all dedicated to serve you. We seek to provide you with the best possible experience, from the very first moment you step in our office, to the moment when you happily drive off in your own car!

Featured Slide 2

Featured Slide 2

State-of-the-Art Technology

To ensure that we provide you with the best service possible we have acquired the latest and most innovative technology. It makes us really proud that we can take care of your car using the best tools available on the market. We are happy to present you with the cutting-edge technologies we’re most proud of:

• Brake Lathe Machine
• Pneumatic Machine Press
• Tire Balancer
• Aircon Automatic Flushing Station
• Injector Cleaner
• Smoke Tester Check for vacuum leaks

Featured Slide 3

Featured Slide 3

You can Watch Our Mechanics in Action!

From our Customer Viewing Area, you can have a peak at our technicians while they are fixing your car. We have created this place to ensure you have a spot from where you can see everything safely, without risking injury inside the workshop. We know how it feels when you don’t know what is happening with your car, and that’s why we have decided to be different than other car workshops – transparency is a priority with us!

Featured Slide 4

Featured Slide 4

Relaxing Café & Customer Recreation Area

To ensure you have a pleasant stay at our headquarters, we have set up the perfect café and customer recreation area for you! Enjoy a drink and a quick snack while you’re waiting for your car, or simply relax on our comfortable couches while watching TV or reading one of our car magazines (recommended for car lovers!).

Featured Slide 5

Featured Slide 5

We use only MOTUL Lubricants!

Because we love our cars, we determined from the start to use the very best products available. That is why we treat your car’s engine only with Motul synthetic oil lubricants. These lubricants are engineered to perform under extremely hot temperatures (like the temperatures found inside your car’s engine!).

We know the feeling of control and sheer joy you get when pressing down on the accelerating pedal and feeling your car’s engine running smoothly at peak performance. The Motul lubricants we use help your engine last longer, perform better and enable you to harness its full power!


KAIZEN: In the Japanese language, Kaizen signifies commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.

KAIZEN: In the Japanese language, Kaizen signifies commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.

KAIZEN: In the Japanese language, Kaizen signifies commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.

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Kaizen Motors

68 Kaki Bukit Ave 6, #02-12 ARK@KB, Singapore 417896
Tel: (+65) 6384 1956 Fax: (+65) 6384 1957

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