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KAIZEN (gǎi shàn, 改善): In the Japanese language, Kai (Change) and Zen (Good or for the better) signify a change for the better.

In KAIZEN MOTORS, we endear an act of continuous improvement in our work. Our dedication and passion in auto-works are reflected in the finest quality of our work and the satisfaction of our customers.

We take pride in serving you well and making every drive a smooth and safe one.

The driving force behind your vehicles.

“Some men take good care of their car; others treat it like one of the family.”




Serving You With Pride


Regular engine oil change lessen the chance of oil sludge building up over time which leads to seizure of the engine. In return give your car better performance and gas mileage.


Repairs from undercarriage to engine bay, interior to exterior of the vehicle, panel beating & spray painting.


Computer diagnostic and management for Japanese, Korean & Continental vehicles.


Source from most authorized insurance company to get the best quote & coverage.


Pre-check for LTA Inspection


Maintaining vehicles on behalf of the Company by minimizing vehicle breakdown through regular maintenance and checks.

Fleet management (For Businesses)

Are you a company owning multiple commercial vehicles in Singapore? If so it is very likely that your vehicles need to be in excellent road condition in order to provide for swift movement, high performance, low fuel consumption and a long road-life.

Trucks, lorries and vans which are not in optimal conditions consume more fuel, take a longer time to arrive at their destination, lead to more accidents, and can quickly turn into a money draining nightmare for their owners! Transportation and delivery firms, where vehicle usage is an essential aspect of business, face the highest risks from faulty vehicles!

To solve this problem, our Fleet Management program enables you to sign up all your vehicles with us so that we take full care of them for you. Our highly-trained mechanics will ensure that your commercial vehicles are maintained in optimal conditions and meet all the necessary standards.


Our services will help:

  • Minimize your fuel costs.
  • Maximize the lifespan of your vehicles.
  • Decrease the probability of costly accidents.
  • Improve your vehicle’s road performance, shortening travel time.
  • Provide you with priority access to our repair services, ensuring your vehicle is repaired fast and can quickly go back on the road.
  • Save you from having to remember when it is time to get your vehicles checked (we schedule your vehicles in advance and remind you when the time comes!)

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